StrideBio collaborates with leading biopharmaceutical companies to leverage our STRIVE™ platform and genetic construct design capabilities to create and develop novel AAV-based therapies.

Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc.

In November 2019, StrideBio and Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc. announced a collaboration and license agreement to develop in vivo AAV-based therapies for up to eight central nervous system and neuromuscular targets. Under the agreement, Sarepta was granted an exclusive license on selected targets to leverage StrideBio’s novel, structure-driven capsid technology, intended to enhance specific tropism to tissues of interest and evade neutralizing antibodies. LEARN MORE

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

StrideBio and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited signed a collaboration and license agreement in March 2019 to develop in vivo AAV-based therapies for Friedreich’s Ataxia and two additional undisclosed targets. Under the terms of the agreement, StrideBio is responsible for AAV capsid development, non-clinical development and manufacturing of preclinical candidates to be selected for advancement into clinical studies, while Takeda is responsible for clinical development and commercialization of selected candidates arising from the collaboration. LEARN MORE

CRISPR Therapeutics

In April 2017, StrideBio announced it had entered a strategic collaboration with CRISPR Therapeutics to generate engineered AAV capsids with improved properties for in vivo gene editing programs. StrideBio and CRISPR expanded the successful collaboration in February 2019 to include additional, undisclosed gene editing applications. LEARN MORE

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