STRIVE™ Platform

StrideBio’s proprietary structure-inspired adeno-associated virus (AAV) vector engineering platform (STRIVE™) is a powerful discovery engine that creates unique and differentiated vectors that improve upon naturally occurring AAV serotypes to overcome current limitations of first-generation gene therapies and allow more patients to benefit from gene therapies with maximum efficiency.

The platform utilizes high-resolution structural data to identify and iteratively engineer and evolve critical surface domains on AAV libraries to generate best-in-class vectors that are tailored to achieve desired attributes for specific gene therapy applications

  • Unique modified surfaces are no longer recognized by pre-existing neutralizing antibodies, creating potential to treat significant portion of previously untreatable patients
  • Unique modified binding sites alter tissue specificity of parental AAV serotypes, yielding vectors with differentiated and optimal tissue specific tropism capable of precisely delivering genetic payload to the specific tissue in disease
  • Engineering of AAV capsid allows for improvement on other parameters to be included in screening of libraries, including enhanced potency and transduction efficiency and improved manufacturability at large scale

Our Discovery Engine: STRIVE™


1 High-resolution structure of AAV-NAb complex determined by cryo-EM.

2 Antigenic footprints on AAV mapped.

3 Antigenic footprints reengineered.

4 Large diverse synthetic AAV library created.

5 Iterative rounds of in vivo evolution completed.

6 Highly enriched variants generated with multiple regions engineered.

7 Following assessment, lead engineered capsid selected for therapeutic program advancement.